Modus Operandi

If you indeed have a breathtaking idea about our fields of interest you should contact us providing some general information about the enabled field, the requested resources, a potential business plan and any other detail you could share with us. We would also appreciate some general information about your company or short bio of yourself. Our team of experts will study all the information you submit and an agent will contact you shortly requesting a conference call. We will discuss your project in depth and together we will determine if it is viable or not. We will also determine the length and the level of our interference. If it is viable, a team will arrange a meeting with you in London or anywhere else in the world. Yes, we travel a lot. A more detailed business plan will then be compiled and we will arrange tasks for every party involved. In any case even if your project is not viable we will provide general advise free of charge. Since we focus on the promotion of digital payments and real time analytics data software, every project should fall or be in these fields.

Take a look at our FAQ for a smoother start.

Do you have that breathtaking idea? Contact us.