Who would you work with?

– Digital payments companies. We are particularly interested in the launch of any new service in the digital payments sphere. Team up with us and get access to the highest value communities. We have the expertise, the experience and a fine network to guide you through several markets and offer you an excellent starting point in your way to a dominant position. Discuss your market strategies and see if your investment really worths it, before you take higher risks.

– Software companies specialising in data and prices/odds movements. Products targeting traders and arbitragers of every field are already gaining momentum in various markets and a trend is our friend.

– Affiliates of digital payment and software companies. We are particularly interested in affiliates focusing on e-wallets and real time analytics data software.

– Forex community leaders. We consider influential people in the Forex industry as our primary partners. Forex communities are the best audiences to promote both digital payments processors and real time data analytics software. Digital payments processors will offer the most competitive rates, cheaper and faster solutions than a typical bank. Complete control over money transfers within regulated and secure environment. Transparent and optimum solutions with the use of e-wallets, reducing fees to the lowest possible levels. Real time analytics software might offer new options and solutions to the members of the community.

– Skillful and bright minded individuals. You are an excellent trader in the stock market and elsewhere and would like to enjoy competitive rates, cheaper and faster solutions over your money transfers. Bring in digital payments with the use of e-wallets and say good buy to the filthy fees of your bank.

– Forum owners. Digital payments and plastic money are gaining ground. Take advantage of an irreversible trend and promote digital payments to your community. Capitalise your influence to your community and profit from the every day habits of your members, at no cost or significant effort from your side.

Which are your criteria to team up with a company?

Companies wishing to team up with us are expected to be both technology and business oriented. Domain expertise on the industry they operate in is also an important requirement. International, sufficiently and fast growing markets are required to fertilise our join efforts. We invest our time and efforts in companies and individuals pursuing innovative software products delivered via the web and/or mobile platforms. We are focusing on digital payments and real time data analytics software but we welcome all initiatives and ideas bringing in more innovation to high sensitivity markets of your choice (stock markets, forex, etc). We love fresh and good ideas, no matter how crazy they seem to be.

Would you provide incubation facilities?

We are not here to help start up companies, but we can surely guide you through to a number of providers including legal, accounting and other services that should help you start a solid business. The same applies to individuals that would like to join this business. We do not expect a thank you from anyone, but a clear and strong commitment for future cooperation.

Would you sign an NDA?

Surely yes.

Do you prefer innovation or revenues?

There is no universal answer to this question and it depends on the kind of business. We proud ourselves being visionaries and in some rare cases we could prefer innovation before revenues as far as this is not killing business. Most of the times, we prefer revenue.

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